• Steel pipes can be used for both temporary and permanent foundation structures.
  • Steel pipes are prefabricated products with high levels of quality control.
  • Foundations with steel pipes are characterised by fast execution times.
  • Adaptable design life of 50 years (and above) according to customer requirements.
  • Extremely flexible foundation solution: rehabilitation, re-use and dismantling are possible.
  • Steel pipes are easy to recycle.

For a real life case study of how our Foundation Steel Pipes were tailored to meet the precise requirements of a project.

Take a look at these projects:


Through thorough research, innovation and experience, we have optimised our production flow to have the entire manufacturing process done on a single site, as well as specialists trained in every aspect in order to ensure speedy and smooth manufacturing and processing.

The OSP pipe production flow – all done on-site


Combined King Pile / Sheet Pile Wall with High Section Modulus

  • Cost effective solution for extreme loads and critical site conditions.
  • Able to resist vertical loads.
  • OSP provides technical support for optimising size, thickness and spacing of the piles.
  • OSP provides technical support for king pile / sheet pile connectors & corrosion protection.

OSP provides technical installation support including driving plans, method statements for pile driving and assistance in the choice of installation equipment.


Foundation Pipes

  • Application in on and offshore constructions, bridge construction, in soft soil conditions, etc.
  • OSP provides technical support e.g. determination of vertical load bearing capacity


Other Applications

  • Structural columns.
  • Raking piles to resist lateral loads.
  • Strutting elements for deep excavations and large pit excavations.
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