Pipe and Pile Diagram

Innovating at every opportunity, OSPIPE is the pioneer for foundation projects involving both pipes and sheet piles.

Find out why our sheet piles can withstand such high lateral forces.

The pipe and pile combined wall system combines the best of both worlds from OSP’s foundation steel solutions: the primary pipe element being used to take the brunt of lateral force from soil and water, while having the shorter and lighter sheet piles to stabilise local soil mass between primary piles and transfer load.

The result? An effective weight foundation solution that handles high lateral force and vertical bearing capacity with ease.

A variety of other combinations of sheet piles and foundation steel solutions can be incorporated together depending on the specific conditions and requirements of a project. Certain specific examples of past combinations include:
Combi Wall Type Special Angle 90-90
Combi Wall Type Special Angle 93
Combi Wall Type Special Angle 194
Combi Wall Type Special Angle 262

Get in touch with our team to receive expert technical consultation on which combination works best for you.

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